“I am truly impressed with the quality of work and the excellent customer service Artha
Creative provides. Every question… was immediately addressed with thoroughness.
I admire and appreciate the sincerity in which Artha Creative Services dedicates itself to its
clients. Human Resource Development is another strong service that they are masters in.
Thank you guys for all that you do.”

-Pallavi / Director @ Tripura Constructions

“We want to take a moment to thank you sincerely for the great customer service you and
your company have provided for Narsingh for the all its Branding. They are amazing, have a
serious WOW factor, and exactly what we wanted! Arshiya did a thorough job, she is fast,
super friendlyand available for each phone call we made to her, and there were many. She
helped with each query,each question, each confusion and each request with utmost
responsibility. She was patient, no matter how many times we wanted to change things.
She has been more like a buddy, than just an advertising and consulting service. She and her
company excelled in the knowledge of what they were doing and their level of professionalism
and customer service is commendable. We are 100% satisfied with their work. We highly
recommend her and her company, Artha Creative Services to anyone looking for quality
marketing and consulting with a personal touch. Please feel free to use Narsingh as a reference
of your work.”

-Saurabh Singhania and Harshvardhan / Directors @ Sri Narsingh Cloth Emporium

“I consider Artha Creative an extension of my own thoughts and ideas. They are responsive,
creative and thoughtful in their approach and recommendations…it’s nice to depend on their
expertise. I have always considered Arshiya more like family. She has always been there when I
need her and given me her best.”

-Sukhada Joginpally / Managing Director @ Pace Group of Schools

“Artha offers their clients excellent media analysis coupled with exceptional pricing. They are
genuinely committed to providing the best value for every penny spent. Their entire team
is service-oriented, very creative and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Artha
to other organizations…”

-Devank Agarwal / Chief Marketing Officer @ Haldiram’s